10 Most Expensive Hobbies in the World

Most Expensive Hobbies

Hobbies are recreations or activities that allow us to de-stress and at the same time give us pleasure. People spend time to do these activities and almost consider them as part of their lives.

But if money is never an issue and has the freedom to use it in any way you wanted, then you will be faced with a staggering checklist of activities which would be barely available for most people. Below are the 10 most expensive hobbies that people love to do.

1. Yacht Racing

Most Expensive Hobbies

The world’s most high-priced hobby is Yacht racing. In movies and music videos, speedboats are usually showcased as the utmost expression of richness. Amounting between $30,000 up to $50,000 for standard speedboats is somewhat pricey. Still, their price is eclipsed and restricted by yachts. There are some extremely large luxurious yachts called mega-yachts that cost around $0.8million. It’s because of its whopping price that makes these ultra-rich people urge to buy. In 2010, a businessman named Rowan Abramovich (Russian billionaire) caught the eyes when he bought the mega-yacht Eclipse which was estimated to be $1.5billion.

Nevertheless, these pricey yachts were never used for racing. The J-Class is needed and it is not that expensive like the mega-yachts. It costs between $10 million up to $20 million which is still not cheap. Purchasing one is just a small part of the expenses when it comes to yacht racing. Buying this is not simple, there are only nine all over the world and maintenance of this J-Class yacht can cost around $3 million. Preparing for the race costs around $8 million. This small part is showing you that this hobby is only for dollar billionaires.