10 Weird Causes Of Death Through History

While we don’t often like to speak of it, death inevitably comes to us all. Most of us hope for a peaceful drift into eternal sleep in old age. For some of us, accident or misadventure sees us meeting an untimely end.

Death is always tragic, but throughout history, there have been some truly bizarre endings. From crazy accidents to cases where Mother Nature seems to have exacted her own revenge, the following unusual deaths, some of which are arguably more legend than fact, show that you never know when your time is up.


Photo credit: Matthaus Merian

Falling, or being pushed from a window, is not a completely unheard-of cause of death. However, in Prague, defenestration, or being thrown from a window, was twice employed as form of execution. If Bohemian citizens didn’t like their politicians, they would throw them out, literally out the window. Both defenestrations marked the beginning of lengthy wars.

The first mass defenestration occurred in 1419, when a mob of angry Czech citizens stormed the town hall. The judge, burgomaster, and five other people were thrown to their deaths in the town square below. This sparked a conflict which was to last over 20 years.

In 1618, clashes between Roman Catholic and Protestant factions marked the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War. Protestants threw the Catholic regents William Slatava and Jaroslav Martinic, along with their secretary, from the windows of Prague Castle’s council room for violating the Letter of Majesty. Despite the defenestrators’ intentions, in this case, the defenestrated men survived their plunge.