James Corden Pranks David Beckham With Hilarious Sculpture On Late Late Show

Loves a good prank doesn’t he, James Corden? And to be fair to him, this one is actually pretty funny.

Shown on the ever popular Late Late Show this week, Corden goes to huge effort to show Becks up. As he prepared for the grand unveiling of a statue of Goldenballs himself outside LA Galaxy, which he said was a ‘dream come true’, Beckham was not expecting Corden and his mischievous ways to hijack it.

Under the guise of a final preview, the unsuspecting football icon is brought to LA Galaxy’s stadium, where he meets and greets various fans – all of whom are actors, brought together with the sole purpose of getting on his nerves.

With James chatting in their ears though, the actors continue to press all of Beckham’s buttons – with one bloke standing out in particular.

First he goes straight in with a slur on the team that made him famous. Congratulating him on his career, he says: “Back in your Man City days, it kind of paralleled my career a lot,” to which Becks, looking visibly pissed off, interjects: “Man United days.”

The cringe doesn’t end there. As the actor continues, Corden – the master of being annoying – says in his earpiece: “Call him Dave, he hates being called Dave.”

The usually calm and collected Beckham eventually corrects him, quietly calling him an ‘interesting character’ after he’s walked away.

In comes ex-teammate and close friend Chris Klein for the ‘highlights reel’.

Spoiler: it contains no highlights. In fact, it’s an onslaught of missed free kicks, bookings and on-pitch fights from over his career.

Then comes the unveiling of the statue itself.

Having spent two months creating it to purely look nothing like him, they’ve tried to traverse the fine line between realistic and absolutely terrible, and in fairness, they’ve done just that.

Obviously, Corden went for maximum prank by picking up on the two things that Becks had originally said he didn’t like about the statue – that his chin and bum were too big – then exaggerated them massively.

Credit: CBS
Credit: CBS

David (not Dave) reacts unbelievably politely at the unveiling, once again reaffirming his nice-guy reputation.

His first reaction is that his Mum and Dad are coming over to see it (aww), and he looks genuinely gutted.

Then out pops Corden with his trademark foghorn laugh – and Becks yet again gracefully accepts the pranking – although also displays a fair amount of relief that it’s not actually going to be on display. What a guy.

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