Leading french fashion designer Christian Louboutin introduced new Peshawari Chappal named “Imran Sandals”

PARIS – The traditional Pakistani footwear seems to popular not only in Pakistan but worldwide also.

The leading French-based fashion designer Christian Louboutin had introduced the Peshwari Chappal adding a touch to it.

The creation of Peshawari sandals by Louboutin’s was being named as ‘Imran sandals’ by him.

The crowd-favourite Peshawari footwear was being reintroduced by the designer whose luxury collection is a favourite around the globe, Earlier the colourful shoe on display went viral in the country but he seems to have tried a way to appease the local public by giving them a name which has left many confused.

Strangely, 24 hours after the post and the shoe went viral, it has been removed from the brand’s Instagram page as well as the official website.We’re speculating it may be because of complaints against the name … who knows? We do know that Christian Louboutin has been fascinated with South Asia for a couple of years now.

The #Imransandals hashtag also went trending on Twitter and people were seen trolling the famous brand while some seemed to like them. Let’s have a look at some of the post