Things you should ask for on your next flight ( Get them for FREE)

They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, and this rings especially true on flights, which feature a variety of free items passengers can snag, as long as they know to ask.

Reddit thread recently asked flight attendants about secret perks passengers should be taking advantage of on flights. We consulted that thread and did some of our own research to create the following list.

From free alcoholic drinks to ibuprofen, here are eight things you should ask for on your next flight.

1. The whole can of soda

soda cansFlickr/frankieleon

Flight attendants are stingy with soda, generally only doling out half of a can, which, combined with the quantity of ice they dispense, simply isn’t enough to quench our thirst. So next time, order a whole can. Flight attendants are happy to oblige, or, if they’ve run out of cans, happy to return to refill your cup.